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Nicollet Leaves

About The Esoterick Liberation

The Esoterick Liberation is an up-and-coming trans* owned company dedicated to affirming and exploring the inherent spiritual sacredness of gender transition. Our work begins from a decolonized, embodied, and intersectional lens of spirituality to provide trans* and gender expansive people the support they need to thrive as their most holistic self. We value being a key spiritual resource in the trans* and gender expansive community and center radical progressive organizing principles to imagine and live a future where all LGBTQIA2+ folks are liberated from the throes of white heteropatriarchal supremacy.

Raven Rising


Caring. Intuitive. Committed.

Hi! I'm Raven Rising, and I am the founder of The Esoterick Liberation LLC. I am a Chthonic Witch with 2 years experience and a trans woman with a much longer history of transitioning. Trans* and gender expansive people have always been an accepted part of many societies prior to the now ongoing colonization of non-white peoples. In the U.S., transition is largely discussed in medical and mental health domains, diluting and perhaps eliminating discussion of the spirituality of gender. I founded The Esoterick Liberation because I saw a need for gender care resources that center the spiritual aspects of transition. As an radical organizer I am committed to organizing alongside queer, trans*, gender expansive, women, and BIPOC communities for our collective liberation from racial and gender violence. My Chthonic Witchcraft practice, which centers deep, honest engagement with the darkest parts of my inner world with an eye towards cultivating good relations with the outer world, uniquely positions me to guide fellow community members in their exploration of their spirituality.

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