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The Esoterick Liberation: Magick, Knowledge, Freedom

Based in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trans* and Gender Expansive Centered Spiritual Advising Devoted to Embodied, Decolonial, and Intersectional Liberation

Nicollet Leaves

What is The Esoterick Liberation?

The Esoterick Liberation is an up-and-coming trans* owned company dedicated to affirming and exploring the inherent spiritual sacredness of gender transition.

Trees in Inver Grove Heights

"I was made to transition. It is written into my life, my story, my body. I am (my body is) deeply connected to the moon. For, it is a gentle yet loving form of care for my spirit and body. My femininity is ever shifting—sometimes taking a radically angry butch form, and other times being a guide for others through the prison of society."

Raven Rising

What is in store for the company?

Service concepts will be refined based on community outreach, focus groups, and practitioner certifications. An initial offering of services will be available at launch based on community feedback.

A proposed timeline and service concepts being considered for launch include:

PHASE I  (Spring 2024)

Gender Doula

45-60 minute session. The practitioner is the sounding board for the client and engages in deep active listening: a listening modality that focuses on exploring who the client is, their experiences of gender transition, and what matters to the client as they transition. The practitioner guides clients and asks questions to gain deeper insights into a particular feeling or situation they are experiencing at the time of service. The practitioner does not provide advice or stories of their own experiences during gender doula sessions.

Guided Visualization

45-60 minute session. Guided visualization uses images, feelings, and senses to evoke imagined experiences as if they are real. Like guided meditation, each guided visualization is unique to the client and session. Unlike guided meditation, the client and practitioner collaborate to tailor the guided visualization to the individual. The practitioner checks in with the client to learn about what they need at the moment and what brings them to a particular feeling or vision. Then, the practitioner proceeds to guide the client towards their destination and back. Some of the benefits of guided visualization might include easing feelings of anxiety and increasing sense of control.

Ritual Consultation

30 minute session. The practitioner and client collaboratively explores what the client needs to feel at home emotionally, relationally, and spiritually in whatever environments a client may inhabit. The practitioner offers ideas for building energetic containers of any scale using elemental correspondences. Advice emerges from a non-denominational spiritual standpoint and is not religious in nature.


PHASE II  (Summer/Fall 2024)

Remote Reiki

30-50-minute session. Energy work for personal and spiritual healing. This service will not be available until 2024 pending practitioner certification.




20-30 minute sessions on questions or themes of the client's choosing. Past-present-future, Celtic cross, 5-card story spread, etc. to provide clarity and approaches to situations clients face. Tarot is not designed to predict the future.


20-30 minute session exploring the client's unique natal chart. Planets, signs, houses, and aspects (relationships between different actors) at minimum. Insights will be used to develop personal, critical, and/or exploratory questions for further contemplation. These questions will focus on how the client will apply insights from the reading to their personal lives, with an eye towards praxis (the process of applying thinking to practice).


Where are we now?

1. Pre-Launch Community Outreach (WE ARE HERE!)

2. Focus groups (Spring 2024)

3. Socio-Economic Analysis (Spring 2024)

4. Launch! (Summer 2024*)

*An initial offering of services will be launched at this date based on community feedback.

Trees in Inver Grove Heights


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